People have had some great things to say about Bike Basket Pies—here are a few of my favorites! If you want to share a compliment or have any questions, email natalie{at} Twitter compliments and other photos are sometimes shared on tumblr.

Some fantastic stories & blog posts about Bike Basket Pies.

  • Check out the July 2011 issue of Delta Sky Magazine (page 36) & the August 2011 issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine (page 34) for mentions of Bike Basket Pies!
  • Natalie Galatzer Packing up Bike Basket Pies - Bay Area Bites (06/20/2011)
  • A Video Ode to Bike Basket PiesMission Local (06/09/2011)
  • Bike Basket Pies Rides off into the Sunset - Uptown Almanac (06/08/2011)
  • Last Chance for Bike Basket Pies - Mission Mission (06/09/2011)
  • Check out of Bicycle Times Issue 011, page 10, for an illustration of Bike Basket Pies by Liza Fernyhough (06/01/2011)
  • Pie attack? Bike Basket Pies deliversSan Francisco Bay Guardian (03/07/11)

  • “Every week, the one-woman operation delivers cupcake-size pies all over town.”
    Top 100 trends shaping the WestSunset (Jan/Feb 2011)
  • Bike Basket Pies was recently seen on United Tastes of America with Jeffrey Saad on the Cooking Channel (1/11)
  • Pie!ThisJustIn: A Sneak Peak at the Latest Vegan Loot (11/10/10)
  • VV Profile: Natalie Galatzer of Bike Basket PiesVelo Vogue (11/5/10)
  • “Pies and biking normally go together in that after you get done eating a whole pie, you feel like you need to bike about 90 miles to burn off the calories; but Natalie Galatzer put the two together a different way.”
    Meet Natalie of Bike Basket Pies Scout Mob (10/14/10)
  • “The sole proprietor and baker for Bike Basket Pies, Natalie talked to me about her small batch pie-baking and delivery service. She was even gracious enough to provide a recipe for her Nectarine Raspberry pie…”
    VIP: Why you should get to know this lady, her bike & her (7/16/10)
  • ‘Entrepedalers’ Deliver the GoodsSF Gate / San Francisco Bike Coalition (5/19/10)
  • “It definitely helps that Natalie’s a cute girl, but I really think there’s something magical about the power of pie.”
    Joy Ride – The Bold Italic (5/6/10)
  • “…the worst part of her job is that she wishes the amount of calories she burned while delivering pies was larger than the amount she takes in while taste testing pies.”
    Getting ‘Cherry’ with Bike Basket Pies – The Green Chick (4/15/10)
  • “ Natalie has perfected her crust – it’s perfectly flaky, and flavorful, and… perfect. Perfectly perfect. I’ve only tried three flavors so far – shaker lemon, apple, and potato, leek & cheddar, and I’m dying to try more”
    Bike Basket PiesPretty Green Girl (3/30/10)
  • Bike Basket (1/30/10)
  • Voted San Francisco’s Sweetest Thing – Best Food – 2009 on Daily Candy!
    “Bicycle Diaries” – Daily Candy (9/25/09), Velo Gourmet (10/9/09)
    A Resource Guide to Pie in the Bay AreaSF Weekly(7/16/10)

    pictures by Local Lemons

My favorite love letters (er, love emails, or in person love)

  • “I’m getting married and I have to fit in my dress, but Im can’t resist your pies!”
  • “The persimmon is out of this world”
  • “That was amazingly good!”
  • “Thanks again.  love the product.  delicious crust.”
  • “the ones made with Daiya are OFF THE HOOK. I’m talking seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten, and I know I say that a lot but I was eating that g-d thing and girl could not stop.”

Bike Basket Pies has 17 five star reviews on Yelp! Some favorites:

  • “crack cakes are $5 a pop” – irene s
  • “The lemon shaker pie is one of the best things I have EVER eaten.” – janet g
  • “Orange: Why hasn’t anyone else served this pie?  It’s simply amazing!” – adam b
  • “Natalie’s passion permeates her pies, and ordering from her is as easy as…” – Cee V
  • “I opened a Twitter account for the sole purpose of tracking down these elusive pies delivered by bike basket.” – michelle s
  • “Love love love.” – charlene l
  • “The allure for me is that the seasonal handmade pie recipes are unique and delicious. For example, I haven’t seen anybody else make combinations like nectarine and raspberries or beets and apples pies.” – luis c
  • “Oh, how I love the amazing crust and delicious fillings.  So good, so seasonal, so sad I can’t have more.  I’m forever teased by the tweets of her weekly menu.” – maria s
  • “The crust was buttery and flaky, the filling was delectable, and you can’t beat the convenience of someone delivering lunch to your desk–especially someone as personable as Natalie!” – harriet p
  • “They were an oasis of pleasure in my otherwise unfortunate workday.” – mari c

Make it yourself (and let me know how it goes!)

Fun past events

  • 10/16/10 Help a Brother Out! Bakesale – SF Weekly (10/12/10), Vegansaurus (10/13/10)
  • 10/7/10 Sandbox Suites Union Square Grand Opening
  • 9/17/10 PARK(ing) Day at PUBLIC Bikes – PUBLIC Bikes (9/13/10)
  • 8/24/10 On The Fly — The Bold Italic
  • 8/21/10 PUBLIC San Francisco Launch Party – PUBLIC Bikes (7/29/10)
  • 7/25/10 SF Food Wars’ Pie or Die Battle – SF Weekly (7/28/10)
  • Exercising a Great Taste of the Mission in San Francisco –
  • 5/8/10 S.F. Vegan Bakesale – SF Weekly (5/4/2010)
  • The Street Food Movement Panel Discussion – SF Weekly (10/30/09)
  • 10/17/09 S.F. Vegan Bakesale – Vegansaurus (10/5/09), SF Weekly (11/19/09)
  • 8/19/09 San Francisco Bike Coalition Screening of Klunkerz – SF Weekly (8/13/09)

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