moving on

Bike Basket Pies is ending its run on June 29th, 2011. Thanks to amazing customers who have been immensely supportive, positive, and loyal; it’s been an amazing two years, but I feel ready to move on to new adventures. Check the main page for the last month’s delivery schedule and the upcoming week’s menu.

Thanks to everyone who bought pies, sent me kind words, and supplied me with enthusiasm and energy! It was such a pleasure delivering pies to all of you.

So, Why?

The short: the hours are rough, I have very little free time, and I have a bit of trouble paying rent despite working seven days a week.

The long: Bike Basket Pies started as something really small – another job when I already had two, but something fun, something inspiring, and something to call my own. I never expected it to much more than a creative summer project and a few extra bucks, but it quickly grew and kept getting just slightly bigger and bigger. It turned into a legitimate business and I always treated it with an intense work ethic, and initially it was a helluva lot of fun. But at it’s current state, it consumes my time and life, and I don’t get to exercise the same creativity I did at its inception. I’m excited to find a new project to jump into.

How many pies each day are you making?

I max out around 80-100 little ones, depending on how many whole pies I also have to bake.

How do I get pie now?

What day is today? Check the remaining schedule. Have you missed the ordering window? Go to Grand or Haus on Tuesday, Wednesday (not June 22) and Saturday and Mission Minis on Saturday – they carry savory pies on those days. I will likely be available for large special events after this and potentially some events, schedule depending. Otherwise, well, invite me to a potluck. But not until after June 30th. I have no life until then.

AHHH I didn’t get my order in fast enough and you already stopped taking orders for this week!

That sucks, and I’m sorry. Go to Grand, Haus, or Mission Minis (depending on the day) – they might have some savories left!

Could you bake pies for me on a Thursday, Friday, Sunday, or Monday?

I sound like such a downer, but nope, sorry. I make dough on Thursdays, on Fridays I make more dough and prep for Saturday, on Sunday I wait tables in Oakland (lunch and dinner) and on Monday I prep for Tuesday & Wednesday. On a slow week, I put in 40 hours a week on this business, and on a busy week it’s around 60-80.

What about Saturday, can you bake for me on Saturday?

Haus, Grand, and Mission Minis carry my pies on Saturdays, check them out (but do so early – Haus and Grand open at 9, Mission Minis at 11)!

Can I pre-order for 2 weeks from now?

No. To be fair to the folks that didn’t get their orders in quickly enough this week I can’t start taking orders until I publish the menu (Thursday mornings). I’ll take orders in the order in which I receive them.

I owe you money! (or) You owe me money/pies!

If you haven’t already received an email from me addressing this, email me.

I need more ideas for how to get pie.

Make some yourself! I have a few recipes posted (check them out here) and I plan to create a recipe booklet – it should be available before the end of the month.

Try out Mission Pie, Mission Beach Cafe, Butter Love Bakeshop, Black Jet Baker, PieTisserie… I am probably missing some awesome places…

What are you doing next?

I have some options and ideas that I’m going to sort through. I’m open to suggestions, though – partnerships, projects, leads. Send ‘em my way or let’s get a cup of coffee and chat!

I have tins I need to return! How do I get them back to you and get the deposit?

I’ll honor pie tin returns through the end of August.

If you order pies this month, I’ll pick up your tin then. Otherwise, I’ll set a few dates in July/August where I can bike around and pick up everyone’s tins – stay tuned. Email me if you have a tin to return and I’ll make sure you know when those dates are (I should know who all has them, but just in case…).