Bike Basket Pies is a small batch pie-baking and delivery service, with an emphasis on sourcing seasonal ingredients locally and organic where possible.

Bike Basket Pies is a solo operation, run by Natalie, who has been cooking and baking for as long as she can remember. When she was very young, she was in charge of the rice and the salad dressings. Now everytime she makes rice she burns it, & she can’t figure out why making rice when she was 8 was so much easier, but she doesn’t want to give in and buy a rice maker.

Back to baking.

Despite helping her father make puff pastry and almond cookies and baking cakes for any occasion possible, and having a mother who sees PIE on signs of diners across the country and DEMANDS her husband “pull over right now there’s pie!!!” the first pie crust she can remember making was 6 years ago, when she was planning to make a chicken pot pie for friends and was scolded for not even considering making her own crust. She saw it as a challenge and dove right in. She has clearly not yet shaken the pie addiction.

Why by bike basket?

Natalie was introduced to big city biking when she moved to San Francisco, and is totally addicted. Plus riding a bike is a low cost (and no pollution!) way to get around town. Way faster than the 12, or the 27, or the 26, or the 14, but maybe not faster than the BART. So she bakes and bikes and is pretty happy. She just wishes the amount of calories she burned while delivering pies was equal or greater than the amount she gains while taste testing pies. (I guess not everything is perfect in this world).

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